Tonya R. Moore

Tonya R. Moore

Speculative Fiction Writer. Digital Content Creator.


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The Lore of Hegira
Imagine a ship so massive, it could swallow Jupiter whole. A ship so ancient, it has seen the birth of stars then witnessed them burn and become black dwarfs. Hegira is a leviathan, home to thousands of sapient alien races. The ship of legend was left behind by a nearly extinct race of beings called Starchasers. She's a beautiful behemoth, barreling across galaxies. Many seek to conquer this rare jewel, but to rule this ship, one must control her pilot.
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Sea Witch Song
Tarah Jackson died at sea. Late into the night of her funeral, the men who witnessed her death drink themselves into oblivion while wrestling with memories of a beastly encounter about which they dare not speak. Tarah's girlfriend, Uma, quietly wallows in her sorrow. Uma takes a bottle of rum and her fiddle to the sea. There she plays a song, beautiful and raw with grief. She drinks from the bottle, cries out to heaven and curses at the sea. As if to answer her dark prayer, a massive, many-tentacled monster rises up from the deep.
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Hegira Has a New Home
One of the challenges that come with trying to serialize a story on WordPress is keeping chapters organized. There are several ways to work around...
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The Advent of Hegira
I remember the very moment that this story leapt to life as a tiny spark of an idea in my mind. Over a decade ago,...
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