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Blood Magic and Mayhem

Blood Magic and Mayhem Posted on January 26, 2017Leave a comment

Tonya R. Moore is a Public Safety professional from Bradenton, Florida with a penchant for writing speculative fiction.

Imagine a woman who can walk across realms, a transdimensional nomad, if you will.

She’s taken up residence on a non-magical planet called Earth. She, a wayfarer, lives there in peace until unknown enemies track her down and leave her near dead.

Her estranged husband arrives soon after, bringing devastating news. Afterward, the wayfarer sets off across worlds to track down the source of the attack with the wizard, a witch, and the doppelganger of her dead son in tow.

Along the way, a twisted sorcerer’s dire warning leads to run-ins with over-civilized vampires, desperate demi-dragons, and a demented god.

The wayfarer’s universe begins and ends with two simple truths:

Blood binds. She knows this because she is bound.

Blood finds blood. It never fails. She knows this.

She knows.


READ “BLOOD BINDS” online at SpecFics.

Webserial Status: Ongoing

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