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Is Firecracker Really Godpunk?

Is Firecracker Really Godpunk? Posted on January 26, 2017Leave a comment

Tonya R. Moore is a Public Safety professional from Bradenton, Florida with a penchant for writing speculative fiction.

I’ve touted Firecracker as a godpunk webserial but the truth is I have my own questions about that.

I haven’t quite managed to pin down an exact definition of godpunk. As far as I understand it, godpunk is all about the mythological gods of old existing in the modern world. Now, are there rules attached?

What if I created a brand-new god with a whole new mythology and plopped her down into the modern world?

For all intents and purposes, Cassandra Baron is a god, a deity engineered by ancient aliens. She’s got the awesome powers to prove it too. She roams the earth in search of clues to mending her broken sister. During her search, she encounters the Rath, a powerful wolven race, older than the vampires. She becomes embroiled in a feud between factions. A brutal attack sets the young god on the warpath and she vows to bring the entire race to its knees.

Does a story like that still count as godpunk?

I suppose it would have been simpler to make her some ancient Egyptian or African deity, then I would have known for sure but that would have been a whole other story.



Webserial Status: Ongoing

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