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I’m Building a Community

I’m Building a Community Posted on April 1, 2017Leave a comment

Tonya R. Moore is a Public Safety professional from Bradenton, Florida with a penchant for writing speculative fiction.

It’s funny how things tend to evolve.

I created because I wanted to create a place for people to go and read my stories online. I wanted to have a website dedicated for that purpose.

As I worked on building the website, I realized that I wanted to do more than simply create a repository for my fiction. I wanted to encourage engagement and collaboration among readers and fellow fans and creators of speculative fiction stories, art, and other projects.

So, I started to build a community.

It’s up and running and now I just need to watch and wait for it to grow. I hope it will over time because I really think that a hub for hub for creators & fans of speculative fiction in all its forms to get together and collaborate and promote their works is a great concept.

There’s nothing new there. It’s been done before but so what?

Maybe Spec Fics will offer readers, fans, and creators something of intrinsic value that they haven’t found anywhere else before. This is my hope… hopefully not hubris.

Guest Authors

I welcome stories from guest authors at

I am now accepting short works of fiction to be made available for free online reading. Submissions should be speculative flash fiction or short stories. All sub-genres that fit under the umbrella of speculative fiction are welcome: scifi, horror, dark fantasy, steampunk—you name it.

See Guest Authors Welcome! for details and submission guidelines.


The Spec Fics community was designed around the idea that creators and fans need to interact and collaborate. I’ve made it very easy to promote yourself and your work or interests in several ways.

Authors, artists, community admins, and bloggers can create pages with links to their homepages or blogs. Authors can create pages for their books. Bloggers can create pages for their blogs or podcasts. Members can create groups. The community is basically a social network that gives each page and group a wall that owners and audiences can posts to and deliver updates or carry on a conversation.

For more information, see How to Use For Self-Promo.

So, what do you think of so far? Would you be interested in joining? If so, come on over and check out the community sometime.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here too.

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