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A New Look and a New Mission

A New Look and a New Mission Posted on May 5, 201712 Comments

Tonya R. Moore is a Public Safety professional from Bradenton, Florida with a penchant for writing speculative fiction.

My website has a brand-new look and I am on a mission to make my dream of writing full-time come true.

For years, I’ve clung to every reason you can think of to not chase my dream:

I can’t afford it.

I’m not good enough.

I don’t deserve it.

For the past six months or so though, there’s been a revolution of sorts going on inside me.

First came a certain sense of disillusionment with my current job, a job that offers some degree of security and one I happen to like very much. I just couldn’t picture myself doing that job for the rest of my working years. I just couldn’t.

There was something else that I really wanted to do and it was high time I sat down and figured out how to go about doing this thing I really wanted to do.

After spending some time thinking it over, I finally realized that nothing was going to change unless I changed. I had to be the one to make some major changes to set myself on the path to accomplishing my goal.

I changed university majors from Communication to Creative Writing and English with a concentration in Fiction. I went so far as to change universities.

The next couple of years will undoubtedly be quite tough. Writing will have to be a part-time job, while I build up some cred and start selling stories. I figure, I’ll need to write at least 1700 words daily just to stay on task. That’s not as easy as it sounds. It’ll take a hell of a lot of determination and persistence but I’m confident that I have that in spades.

This is one heck of a serious and epic undertaking. I’m excited and scared to take this plunge but there is a part of me that’s incredibly calm and confident about it all. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m on exactly the path I’m meant to be on.

12 thoughts on “A New Look and a New Mission

    1. Thanks Kenny! It’s a brave new world but I”m a little scared. Still, I’m more excited and determined than scared so I think that tilts things in my favor quite a bit. 🙂

  1. Wow! Once you are on the path you are meant to be, you will be the free & creative lady we all know you are!

    1. Thanks Helen! I’ll miss MCSO for sure and I hope you know that I appreciate you as one of the people who have always given me words of encouragement. I hope you’re enjoying the little vacay! 😀

  2. Tonya, you have captured the self dialogue that holds us back so well and have given me hope.

    1. Hi Kathleen, thanks for stopping. I”m glad someone else who read this could relate. Sometimes, those inner voices can be very difficult to counter or drown out but when it’s time for a major change, it’s just time.

    1. Thanks Clayton, both for the lovely compliment and for being one of those individuals whose efforts and dedication to the craft have helped me along to the point of making this decision.

  3. Yay! What I think, from reading your short stories over the last few years, is you’ve always been on this path, winding your way along it, but now you’re at a point where you’re realising your voice is important, and it’s time to take yourself seriously. Bringing talent and drive together will make you unstoppable! 💖

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