A New Look and a New Mission

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  1. Make your dream come true, Tonya. Live your dream that is meant for you. Congratulations! ?

    • Thanks Kenny! It’s a brave new world but I”m a little scared. Still, I’m more excited and determined than scared so I think that tilts things in my favor quite a bit. 🙂

  2. Helen Cherry says:

    Wow! Once you are on the path you are meant to be, you will be the free & creative lady we all know you are!

    • Thanks Helen! I’ll miss MCSO for sure and I hope you know that I appreciate you as one of the people who have always given me words of encouragement. I hope you’re enjoying the little vacay! 😀

  3. Kathleen Harrison says:

    Tonya, you have captured the self dialogue that holds us back so well and have given me hope.

    • Hi Kathleen, thanks for stopping. I”m glad someone else who read this could relate. Sometimes, those inner voices can be very difficult to counter or drown out but when it’s time for a major change, it’s just time.

  4. claytonbye says:

    I know you will achieve your dream. You are a fantastic writer!

    • Thanks Clayton, both for the lovely compliment and for being one of those individuals whose efforts and dedication to the craft have helped me along to the point of making this decision.

  5. macdibble says:

    Yay! What I think, from reading your short stories over the last few years, is you’ve always been on this path, winding your way along it, but now you’re at a point where you’re realising your voice is important, and it’s time to take yourself seriously. Bringing talent and drive together will make you unstoppable! ?

  6. Your site looks great!

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