Becoming: a Departure

Space-faring vampires and gravediggers colonize the stars while sea monsters, killer gynoids, spy androids, and mad cities inhabit the earth. Sometimes, a bug isn’t just a bug and the loudest voice might be the one you can’t hear. A hapless traveler encounters a devious monster in the backwoods; a primitive monster brings an urban nightmare to life; two mediums wrestle with their gifts and an earthbound deity haunts a distant future witch.

These and other works of fiction (a total of 31 pieces of flash fiction and short stories) have been compiled into an omnibus edition titled Becoming.

These stories are the culmination of over fifteen years of basically bumbling about in the literary world. I’ve had a great time learning, experimenting, and playing around with the craft of writing but it’s time for me to leave that all behind and take a more focused approach to the craft of writing.

That isn’t to say that I’ve learned all there is to know. In fact, I figure I’m only just starting to get into the nitty gritty of learning to write.

I won’t abandon short stories or even flash fiction but from now on, I’m putting more effort into writing (or I should say, learning to write) novels and novellas. You probably won’t see me posting fiction online as much as I used to…

In this sense, Becoming represents a departure and a new beginning for me. Nothing drastic. Just a change in my state of mind, really. I hope this continues to happen as I learn and grow as a writer.

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