I Keep Vacillating

It wasn’t so long ago that I pulled my webserial, What the Bones Say, from my website and declared that I wasn’t going to post any more webfiction. Again. That left me, though, with the question of what to do with the unfinished story that I had already started posting online. I really want to finish it and it’s not as if I can ultimately submit it to an agent after posting the first three chapters online.

That said, I’ve decided to finish serializing What the Bones Say. Again. The first three chapters are back online. Chapter four will be up soon.

It will be a sort of long term project because I’ll just tell you now that updates will be sporadic. Much as I get a kick out of writing and posting this particular story, it’s a project that I will only be able to work on in my free time, and with school and work in the mix, free time is in short supply.


Image courtesy of Jonny Lindner

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