About Me

I’m a Jamaican writer of speculative fiction–short stories, web serials, and novelettes.

Currently living in Florida, I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English with a concentration in Fiction.

I grew up reading books by phenomenal authors such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Larry Niven and Anne McCaffrey. Their works portrayed space-faring humans and unbelievable creatures having fantastic adventures in distant future and far-flung regions of the universe.

I fell in love with the remarkable characters and worlds those authors envisioned. Those stories fueled my desire to write.

My Current Webserial Project

What the Bones Say is the title of my web-serialized novella for this year’s Summer Writing Project.

The 2017 Summer Writing Project was a collaborative effort by Jukepop and 1888.


Niara’s people inhabit a village within a walled enclosure on an alien planet. To carve out a future for humanity, she must disobey their alien benefactors and venture beyond the wall. She joins forces with Wendi, tribal queen of the eastern village. The two women forge a bond stronger than blood as they uncover the secrets of their buried history and incite the wrath of an advanced alien force.

Read and Vote for chapters of this story @ Jukepop!


My Community

The SPEC FICS community was designed around the idea that creators and fans need to interact and collaborate. Spec Fics is a hub for hub/social network for creators & fans of speculative fiction in all its forms to get together and collaborate and promote their works.

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