My name is Tonya R. Moore. I write speculative short and serial fiction. Born and raised in Jamaica, I’ve always wanted to bring a fresh, new, West Indian perspective to the fiction, fantasy, and horror universes. I’ve also been known to wrestle with novel-writing and even writing poetry, on occasion.

Read My Free Stories Online

Free samplings of my work can be found on my dedicated fiction website, (Odes to the Multiverse), where you can read and keep up to date with my web serialized godpunk novel, Goddess of the Anthropocene. The story follows the misadventures of Cassandra, daughter of Jonathan Baron from my first major work of fiction, Fogg Island Flowerswhich I must admit, was neither very well-written nor well-received when self-published on a whim over decade ago.

Tonya R. Moore

I love to write. I love the weight and flexibility of words, the infinite possibilities and magic that can be wrought from just the right combination of them.

The Upcoming Book

My upcoming book, Pragmania – Tales of Love from Earth to the Edge of the Universe, is comprised of 6 of my previously published science fiction, horror, and urban fantasy short stories and novelettes which, despite my best intentions otherwise, feature love as a core theme. Short excerpts of each story will be posted on my blog during April 2020.

My Freelance Services

I offer a variety of freelance services including copywriting, web content creation, guest-blogging, technical writing, as well as the installation and personalization of WordPress websites for authors and solo entrepreneurs.

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