Her book, Odes to the Multiverse, an omnibus of previously published (and some new) science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror flash fiction, short stories, and a novelette, are currently available for purchase for Kindle and in print, from amazon.com.

Planned publications for the near future include The Only Poetry I Will Every Write, a collection poems written by the author over the course of two and a half decades; and PRAGMANIA – Tales of Love from Earth to the Edge of the Universe, a collection consisting of five science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror short stories and one novelette.

Despite her love of writing, Tonya’s career path has always meandered in other directions. She was very briefly a soldier, and was a police dispatcher for over ten years. While working on completing her undergraduate curriculum in General Studies with a concentration in Professional Writing Essentials, she is a behavioral healthcare Credentialing Specialist, and plans to further her career-development in Credentialing and in Healthcare Administration.

Tonya R. Moore

I love to write. I love the weight and flexibility of words. I love the infinite possibilities and magic that can be wrought from just the right combination of them.

Even so, writing remains near and dear to her heart. She is launching a Podcast and has created a Patreon account to share new works, excerpts of works in progress, and other creative tidbits with her very generous Patrons. Members of her Long Reads Club and Bibliophiles Club tiers are granted access to new chapters of the genre-bending webserials, Goddess of the Anthropocene and Bound by Blood, which update at biweekly intervals on a monthly basis.

Tonya is SpaceAgeMermaid on Patreon, Twitter, Instagram. She recently wrote a blog post about the origins of the SpaceAgeMermaid handle, and you can read Space Age Mermaid, the sci-fi flash fiction piece that started it all, on her blog.