Tonya R. Moore is a writer and real estate enthusiast of Jamaican origin based in Sarasota , Florida.

Tonya has been blessed with a wide array of essential skills and core competencies gained from over 20 years in customer service and vocations such as office administration, military service, public safety telecommunication, behavioral health credentialing and privileging, as well as utilization management.

The challenges and societal changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic were an eye-opening call for action that spurred Tonya to reevaluate her life goals and career path. It became clear to her that attaining financial security and finding joy in life would call for tremendous effort and faith in the power of self-transformation.

Tonya began developing an interest in real estate sales while house-hunting and exploring her own interest in home improvement and decor. The more she learned about the joys and challenges of home ownership and real estate sales, the clearer it became that becoming a real estate professional was a viable path to achieving her goals.

Not only that, it would satisfy her growing passion for helping others realize their dreams, including the goal of home ownership.

Tonya’s personal blog is a chronicle of her journey to real estate sales proficiency, financial success, and self-fulfillment as well as a vehicle for applauding the efforts and accomplishments of other self-empowered women.