My Stories Serialized on Kindle Vella
Bound by Blood

Helioselene is a wayfarer, descended from a clan of trans-dimensional nomads. Her peaceful life on Earth shatters when she learns of a murderous grudge-spell cast against her entire clan. She sets out across worlds to find and eliminate the grudge-spell’s source. Her companions are her estranged husband, the legendary technomage and her dead son’s doppelganger, the vampire Kyle.

Sea Witch Song

Tarah Jackson died at sea. On the night of her funeral, Uma takes a bottle of rum and her fiddle to the sea. There she plays a song raw with grief. Uma drinks from the bottle. She cries out heaven. She curses the sea. As if in answer to her dark prayer, a massive, many-tentacled monster rises from the deep.

For the Love of Dorian

Torrin vows to protect Dorian. He vows to follow Dorian to the end of the universe.

When things go south during their mission, he must make an agonizing choice. Save Dorian’s life and lose his love, or love and let Dorian die.