Tonya R. Moore writes speculative fiction.

Born and raised in Jamaica, her goal is to help bring a fresh, new West Indian perspective to the science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror universes. She has been known to dabble in novel writing and pens the occasional poem.

Tonya’s most recent publication, Odes to the Multiverse is an omnibus of the writer’s older punk scifi, urban fantasy, horror, and space opera flash fiction and short stories.

Tonya’s web serialized fiction can be found at and she offers freelance copywriting, blogging, and WordPress website installation and personalization services at Tonya is also the founder of, a community and blog directory aimed at encouraging engagement among bloggers and readers.

Tonya’s current web serialized work is titled Goddess of the Anthropocene. The story follows the misadventures of Cassandra, daughter of Jonathan Baron from her first major work of fiction, Fogg Island Flowers… which the author readily admits was neither very well-written nor well-received when self-published on a whim nearly two decades ago.

Tonya R. Moore

Tonya is a Credentialing and Utilization Management Coordinator as well as Human Resources Assistant for a behavioral healthcare non-profit. Her past professional endeavors have included U.S. Army soldier, police dispatcher, and pop culture writer.

Upcoming Book

Her upcoming book, Pragmania – Tales of Love from Earth to the Edge of the Universe, is comprised of 6 previously published science fiction, horror, and urban fantasy short stories and novelettes which, despite her best intentions otherwise, feature love as a core theme.

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