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Pioneering Women

“Love Out Loud” by Natalee Clark-Richards – Virtual Book Launch on March 20, 2021

Love Out Loud is an inspiring book by Natalee Clarke-Richards, Success Coach, speaker, and author. Love Out Loud is an autobiographical reflection on the courage, creativity, and determination that propelled Natalee through her journey of positive self-transformation. I recently blogged about human needs and the importance of self-actualization and Natalee’s book—her experiences and positive outlook …

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Self-Transformation & The Health Factor

There is nothing more terrifying than being 42 years old, looking at your own blood test results, and immediately realizing that you could have a heart attack and die at any given moment. Even though my doctor’s note on the results promised that we will be having a very serious discussion about my numbers at …

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The Value of Harnessing Happiness

Harnessing happiness is simply inviting joy and a general sense of contentment into your life. It’s having a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in life. Happiness is a subjective state of being and it means different things to different people. You could be the poorest person on the planet and be quite content with the …