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“Static” by Will MacGregor

Will MacGregor’s Static opens in a futuristic hole-in-the-wall dive. Set in the mafia-controlled corporate underbelly of future Korea’s metropolis, Static is a fast-paced account of a shady entrepreneur’s get rich quick gambit unraveling at the speed of light.

Three characters take center stage in this novella. Spencer is the jerk, one hard-boiled and enterprising piece of work. He plans to make it big by hacking one of the mob’s un-hackable, slot machine games. To make the impossible happen, he’ll need the services of a certain down-on-her-luck trans-human.

Korea’s economy might be booming, but Kira has lived nothing but a hard knock life. She expects no kindness from her new employer and gets none. No matter though. Kira’s tough as nails and a survivor too boot. She might get a lot of flack from her employer, but she’s determined to get the job done right.

The doctor completes this intrepid trio. He’s a kindly sort who channels, a much younger but still world-wise “Ducky” from the television show, NCIS. He works his magic on Kira’s cybernetic prosthetics so she can interface with the mafia’s slot machines.

MacGregor’s dialogue and depiction of sights, sounds, and smells are on point. They make the characters and the world around them leap to life. The scenery is dizzying. The hostile tension between Spencer and Kira is palpable. The stakes are nail-bitingly high. This trio is getting ready to kick the hornet’s nest and somebody’s bound to either bite it or become better off dead.


Static” is a robust, highly imaginative, and colorfully gritty cyberpunk offering.


Will MacGregor writes speculative & science fiction with a focus on ‘long short stories. He currently calls Queensland, Australia home. He has lived and worked in Japan and traveled extensively.

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