Free Fiction

Short Stories and Flash Fiction by Tonya R. Moore

realistic female robot face with title text

Memento Mori

Ivy arrived on the ragged edge of a storm. It was wet, wild, and humid in the Myakka boonies. At first, she simply sat there in the borrowed red Corolla, watching the windshield wipers dance back and forth. After a few minutes, she killed the car’s headlights, then the engine. …

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mermaid at night


Say the only dream you ever had was blue, a cool brilliance that engulfs everything in the universe. All you know of your place in the monochromatic everything is webbed feet, jewel fingers, and a certain unnamable longing. You reach upward and out, straining to grasp the hazy glow of …

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film overlay on giant robot image


Twilla’s Beast was hollow-bellied. The lumbering juggernaut, a comfy shelter custom-built for her. Light years away from home, they were fighting a war waged in outer space. An enemy warhead blew a gaping hole into the back of Beast’s head. The mecha was now a gnarled mess of scorched metal, …

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Space Age Mermaid

Sulily sleeps suspended inside a transparent, cylindrical womb filled with luminous blue fluid. Her suit sticks to her body like a second skin. Knobby nodes run up the length of her spine and end at the soft helmet’s base at the back of her neck. From the center of the …

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Stigmatic Young Gods

He’s a cliché. The all too solemn, emotionally vampiric type. He’s the guy burdened by the nose ring, the deviant sex habit, and the penchant for poisoning his patients. He’s the Dr. I-Know-Every-Thing who smirks at you across the parking lot and makes your skin crawl. So you scurry away …

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