Niara’s people inhabit a village within a walled enclosure on an alien planet. Humans must stay within the confines of the wall. The obedient live out their lives and die, never setting foot beyond the great barrier. Heretics dare to discover what lies beyond the wall.

What the Bones Say: Chapter 3

Calamity was the oldest word in the language of Niara’s people. It was the word for their old world which had fallen to pieces. They used that word for falling down and for failing...

What the Bones Say: Chapter 2

Night fell while Niara and Hati stood watch over the pyre. For the occasion, the Niara wore her best clothing, a handwoven organdy tunic and bush walker sandals with laces that climbed up her...

What the Bones Say: Chapter 1

Woman, you see. The sensi. It’s a funny thing. Niara inhaled just the right amount of the mystic herb and her brain went straight to mush. It sent her whooshing and spinning down some...

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