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Science fiction, fantasy, and horror flashfics by Tonya R. Moore

Cover/feature dimage for horro flash fiction Green Day by Tonya R. Moore depicting a swarm of zombies approaching.

Green Day

Debbie Dent wore pastel pink to work on the day the world went straight to hell. That morning she came to the coffee shop where I worked. Batting her fake eyelashes, she humble bragged about her lavish vacation on Bora Bora. I remember wondering who even goes to Bora Bora anymore these days. I remember …

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Space Age Mermaid

Sulily sleeps inside a transparent, cylindrical womb filled with luminous blue fluid. Her suit sticks to her body like a second skin. Knobby nodes run up the length of her spine and end at the soft helmet’s base at the back of her neck.  From the center of the helmet, wires fan outward and upward, …

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Witch and Spider

Whips of lightning cracked the dreary night’s fragile shell. The sea was a harridan, driving away what little warmth was left in the wind.  The beastly sky rumbled. The earth trembled. The explosive boom of a  starship taking off ripped a hole into the distant horizon. The earth had long become another backwater industrial throw …

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film overlay on giant robot image


Twilla’s Beast was hollow-bellied. The lumbering juggernaut, a comfy shelter custom-built for her. Light years away from home, they were fighting a war waged in outer space. An enemy warhead blew a gaping hole into the back of Beast’s head. The mecha was now a gnarled mess of scorched metal, wires, and exposed tubes. The …

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