Short Stories

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories by Tonya R. Moore

Alien landscape with spindly trees, featherless birds in flight, and two moons in the background.


“Get yer head outa yer ass, Boots!” Bowman yelled back at the youngster sleeping at the back of his wagon. “Time to earn your keep.” Boots jerked awake to a smattering of guffaws and low chuckles. She grinned back at the other gravediggers riding in the wagon. Wiping drool from the corner of her mouth, …

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Blue Hued Mermaid in starlight.

Mermaids are From Outer Space

May 30, 2115 Pony lay on her back in the tall grass. The derelict nearby was once The Kennedy Space Center’s main building. She stared up at the bowl-shaped sky, counted her lucky stars, and waited for her chance. She’d managed to get the entire weekend off from the Aerospace Institute for this little jaunt. …

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Kingdom of Lethe short story featured image or cover depicting a carnival mask, a glass on wine and a fan.

Kingdom of Lethe

“I’ve lost all my beautiful memories.” The woman who uttered those words perched on the edge of Nedra’s leather chair with all the grace of a Queen of Sheba. When she leaned forward tiny diamonds crested at the curves of her eyebrows making her over-large eyes seem abnormally bright, almost predatory. Nedra peered at her …

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realistic female robot face with title text

Memento Mori

Ivy arrived on the ragged edge of a storm. It was wet, wild, and humid in the Myakka boonies. At first, she simply sat there in the borrowed red Corolla, watching the windshield wipers dance back and forth. After a few minutes, she killed the car’s headlights, then the engine. She pushed the driver’s door …

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Female android facing tentacled creature against starry background

In the Making

St. John didn’t know why she was there, in that brightly lit place. She was naked, laid out flat on her back on the freezing exam table like a corpse prepped for an autopsy. Her vision blurred and brightened, and blurred again. She blinked furiously trying to clear the fog. Her right side throbbed, matching …

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Humanoid robot wearing gold armor with city shadow in background.

Devious Machines

Ginger conjured a river. A cool, dark river. The bottoms of her feet tingled, slipping over smooth rock in the virtual riverbed. She lowered her body into the wetness. Frightened river fish darted between her legs. The chaotic chirping of birds resonated through the boughs of the trees blanketing her insular sanctum. She closed her …

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