FIYAH Literary Magazine: Poetry Acquiring Editor

I’m inordinately thrilled to announce my debut as Poetry Acquiring Editor for the phenomenal speculative fiction publication, FIYAH Literary Magazine.

FIYAH Literary Magazine is an award-winning speculative fiction publication created to amplify the voices of the Black speculative fiction writers. Voices that had been suppressed and gone unheard for far too long. In the three years since FIYAH’s inception, the magazine has become established as a speculative fiction publication of esteemed repute and continues to grow in popularity among readers and BIPOC creators alike.

FIYAH’s overwhelming, almost overnight success is due to the earnest and endless efforts of the magazine’s staff and facilitators, a small collective of brilliant, passionate, and dedicated creators and industry professionals. It’s such a great honor to have been so warmly welcomed into the fold. I appreciate having been given the opportunity to work with and learn from such an amazing group of individuals.

On Submitting Speculative Poetry to FIYAH (What I Hope to See)

FIYAH Literary Magazine seeks poems with speculative elements from Black poets of the African Diaspora scattered across the globe.

Personally, I hope to see speculative poetry that explores, exploits, and experiments with new and traditional poetic forms to create unexpected marvels of self-expression. I hope to see the reflective, the introspective, the nostalgic, and the futuristic in verse.

I hope to read daring poems that reveal and question the light, darkness, courage, hope, and abject terror that inhabits the lives of marginalized people across the globe. Poems depicting the magic, the struggles, and the mystique that constitutes being marginalized in a society bent on bringing us to our knees.

I hope to read the raw verse that rises from the depths of your soul as you navigate the twisted  microcosms of oppressive cultures populating this tiny planet floundering on the outer edge of the Milky Way, a mere speck of a spiral in a vast and ever-expanding, ever-evolving universe.

I’m looking forward to reading your weird, wonderful, and heartfelt poems.

See FIYAH Lit Mag’s Poetry Submission Guidelines for more concrete details on what we are looking for.

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