Guest Blogging Benefits Writers in These 4 Helpful Ways

Blogging has not, as some mistakenly argue, gone the way of the dodo. I spent quite a chunk of the last few days mining the internet and perusing some of the most reputable and helpful blogs and what I have learned is that blogging, when done properly, is still a great way to elevate an author’s profile online. Not only that, guest-blogging is still a legitimate way to build a community around one’s work and increase one’s online sphere of influence.

What’s in it for You?

There are several great benefits to guest-posting but the most significant is that it makes for great exposure. When you guest post you are likely accessing an audience that has yet to know about you and your work. It’s a great chance for you to let curious readers know who you are and what you do. If they like you enough, they might also become a part of your regular audience. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

You get great exposure.

When you guest post you are likely accessing an audience that has yet to learn about you and your work.

The next great benefit of guest posting is that it allows you to build relationships with fellow creatives and become more deeply rooted in the online  writing community. I’ve been bouncing about the online writing world long enough to have come to realize just how super-helpful, friendly, and amazingly inspiring most online writers, artists, and other professionals are. Given time, you might even meet a few wonderful collaborators and even friends for life.

According to writer, Jeff Goins’ article, 3 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Audience, guest posting can help to improve your own blog’s search engine ranking. Just imagine, if you have 20 guest posts on 20 different blogs, that’s a minimum of 20 different websites linking back to yours. Not to mention, readers of those blogs will invariably follow any links in your post or bio, back to your website, so that guarantees an increase in traffic to your website–and isn’t that the whole point of having a website?

Build a Strong Network

Readers of those blogs will invariably follow any links in your post or bio, back to your website.

Guest blogging benefits both the host and the guest. When you guest post on someone’s else blog, you tell your own audience about it, right? So, you might tweet/share the link to the post; post an update on your own blog, inviting readers to go check out that post. That increases their website traffic. Additionally, the interaction in the comments section is also valuable for online community-building.

With all of that in mind, it’s easy to see that guest-blogging can be a great boon to both parties. The trick lies in doing it right. The host must post on schedule, make it all look pretty and easy on the eyes for readers, and include link back to your website and social networks. You have a to write a decent post and you must do your part in sharing the news about it. Sounds like quite the positively symbiotic relationship, doesn’t it?

Guest blogging benefits both hosts and guests when best practices and basic etiquette are observed
Guest Posting Best Practices
  • Heed the host’s genre or subject matter requirements. For example, in my Guest Post Guidelines, I stipulate that guest posts must be genre-relevant commentaries covering the realms of science fiction, fantasy, horror – we’re talking SF books, film, influential figures, and everything that fits in therein. In my opinion, that’s a pretty broad stipulation. There’s no end of possible topics. It also means, that if your post is promoting toothpaste or listing the reasons people should go to church, great topics as they probably are, this blog is not the place for them.
  • Craft a post well-worth reading. For more information on crafting a great blog post, see Bad Redhead Media’s article, This Is How To Write A Blog Post People Read. Submit original posts only, not cross-posted or duplicated content.
  • When you submit your guest post, be sure to include a short bio, your website URL, main social media profile links, and information about new or upcoming events or releases. An author photo/head shot should be included as well.
Submit a Request to Guest Post Here

Send an email to guestpost[at] stating your proposed blog post topic/idea, anticipated length of your post, and an approximate date/time frame that you would like the post to go live. Please include a link to your website, blog, or Twitter profile. I will respond to your email and we can discuss the further if I decide to accept your pitch.

Guest Blogging takes time and effort, but if you are willing to invest this much into your writing endeavors over time, you'll likely wind up reaping significant rewards. Click To Tweet

For those who need a bit more guidance on how to construct a meaningful blog post, here’s a handy-dandy little Blog Post Template that I’ve compiled and made available for free download. Tweak as needed for your own purposes.

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