On This “Sad” Day in America’s History

Today, the Supreme Court gave misogynists and religious extremists full license to police women’s bodies by overturning the American woman’s constitutional right to prevent or terminate unwanted or unsafe pregnancies.

The lives of countless women and other childbearing individuals are endangered by this decision to rob them of their access to critical healthcare services. It’s sickening to know that there are actually women in this country who are shortsighted enough to be celebrating this decision right now. 

Regardless of how these 6 individuals claim to be “protecting” human life, their refusal to support the banning of weapons used in school shootings proves that this sickening abuse of power is motivated not by the desire to protect life, but by the malignant desire for power and control.

They want control over women’s bodies.

They want control over women’s lives.

At the end of the day, they want nothing more than to take away our independence and power to steer our own destinies. 

The government we voted for, and depend on to protect our basic human rights has made its stance on the subject painfully clear. 

On this “sad” day in America’s history:

President Biden “solemnly” mourned the Supreme Court’s decision. 

The democratic Party sang God Bless America

Nancy Pelosi read a poem.

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