SF Multiverse Online Magazine & Community: Coming Soon!

SF Multiverse (Speculative Fiction Multiverse) is a not-for-profit, quarterly Online Magazine, and Community created for fans and creators of science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature, art, and other media.

The online publication will be centered around exploring and celebrating the diversity and rich complexity of the speculative fiction scene across global borders and subcultures. Our community’s intention is to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for SF creators, enthusiasts, and industry professionals from all over the world.

Through our integrated community, a simple social network, SF Multiverse seeks to unify the global speculative fiction community and showcase the rich histories, lore, and voices that have given rise to the diverse and imaginative stories, art, and other media encompassing the complex tapestry of speculative fiction and fandom across planet Earth today.

SF Multiverse’s mission is to showcase SF lore, fandoms, and creators from the margins and fringes of the mainstream and foster a sense of community among appreciators of speculative literature and media across the world.

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