Space Cowboy Books Flash Science Fiction Night 09-12-2023

On Tuesday night this week, Space Cowboy Books hosted the last episode of this season’s Flash Science Fiction Night. Flash Science Fiction Nights are 30-minute or shorter virtual sessions featuring short science fiction readings (1000 words or less) with authors from around the world.

I was one of the authors reading on Tuesday night, alongside Pedro Iniguez and Renan Bernardo.

If you missed the live reading, you can watch the recording here:

The Authors

Pedro Iniguez

Pedro Iniguez is a horror and science-fiction writer from Los Angeles, California.

He is a Rhysling Award finalist and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Award for his speculative poetry.

Renan Bernardo

Renan Bernardo is a Brazilian writer of science fiction and fantasy, writing in English and Portuguese.

His work has been published in English, Portuguese, German, Japanese, and Italian. He’s also a SFWA member.

Participating in this episode of Flash Science Fiction Night was an enjoyable experience. I got to listen to some wonderful speculative  flash fiction works and share one of mine. The piece I read was Space Age Mermaid, which you can read free on my website.

I’m happy to say the reading went well and, as a result, Space Age Mermaid will now be narrated on the Simultaneous Times Podcast in the near future.

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