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I decided to get back into personal blogging and article-writing on Medium. I’ve changed my username there to SpaceAgeMermaid. You can now follow my Medium entries at

I’ve found that this is a great way to write, simply as an exercise whenever I’m either too busy to delve into writing fiction, or simply don’t have the wherewithal to focus on writing fiction.

There is no set publication schedule. I will be adding my free flash fiction to my Medium Publication, QuickFics. Hopefully, that will make these little works available to wider audience.

I hope you’ll follow me on medium. You can also Subscribe to my Medium articles and fiction via email.

I’d love to know what you think about the articles and stories I post, so comments and “claps” are greatly encouraged.

If you use my link: Sign up for a Medium Membership, I get a minuscule monetary reward.

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