Inspired Productivity

Inspiration propels our endeavors. For many, there’s no greater feeling than that moment when unexpected words arrive in a great deluge. Much as we love it when the cup runneth …

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Gods of the Anthropocene

Cassandra Baron is a god. She’s got the awesome powers to prove it. Too bad they can’t keep her out of trouble.

The Advent of Hegira

There are many who seek to take control of Hegira, but to rule this great ship, one must control her pilot.

What the Bones Say

The obedient live out their lives and die, within the barrier. Heretics dare to discover what lies beyond the wall.

Featured Excerpt

“Calamity was the oldest word in the language of Niara’s people. The bones telegraphed that one word repeatedly and relentlessly. Calamity–they sang. Calamity had befallen Niara and would soon again and again and again…”
                                                                                     WHAT THE BONES SAY