Guide to My Free Fiction Online

All of my short works listed on the Short Fiction and Poetry pages that have been re-published on Medium or Patreon (Public) are free to read online. Stories published on Patreon marked as (Patrons Only) can be accessed by Patreon supporters. Patron Tiers start at $3/mo.

Free Flash Fiction and Short Stories You Can Read Online

Green Day (Flash Fiction – a post-apocalyptic pandemic horror flashfic written several years before the onset of the real pandemic currently threatening to bring about the apocalypse.

Mermaid (Flash Fiction) – a unique fantasy flashfic detailing a mermaid’s emergence from the deep sea.

Memento Mori (Short Story) – a cyberpunk story involving a woman with a gaping hole in her memory.

Reckoning (Flash Fiction) – a bit of science fiction horror concerning the hapless target of a vengeful alien monster.

Shelter (Flash Fiction) – a science fiction vignette about a girl and a giant robot.

Space Age Mermaid (Flash Fiction) – Sulily dreams in hypersleep while her spaceship hurtles across the void to a planet orbiting Bernard’s Star.

Stigmatic Young Gods (Flash Fiction) – a brief, experimental horror exploration of human frailty and the darkness lurking within us all.

Free Poems You Can Read Online

Avatar – abstract poetry about eternity and the passage of time.

Lightning – abstract poetry about inner strength.

Those Who Came Before – abstract poem about the inevitability of the passage of time.

Triumphant Elegy at the Robot Rebellion’s End – abstract poetry about the end of humanity’s future war against the machines.

Twilight – abstract poetry about youth and aging.

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