Published Fiction

Published Fiction by Tonya R. Moore

Space Age Mermaid

Sulily, an astronaut, dreams in hyper-sleep while her exoplanetary exploration ship careens across the expanse between our solar system and Barnard’s Star. Speeding farther and farther from the heliosphere, Sulily dreams of Earth, the home world to which she’s never been. While she sleeps and dreams, a tragic nightmare steadily unfolds.



Hybrid takes place in the not-so-distant future. Humanity is beginning to branch out into the solar system and one aspiring astronaut is about to catch a glimpse of what’s waiting for us out there in the universe when she confronts a monstrous ghost of the American space program’s past.



Boots, a young woman with a thirst for adventure, joins a gang of grave diggers leading the charge to re-colonize an alien frontier. Marching through the silent town, they bag and tag the corpses along with their dust-laden possessions, careful to avoid the outskirts where monsters and the ghosts of aliens are said to roam.


The Darker Side

Carl lost his twin sister under mysterious circumstances. Years later, her returns to the scene of her death in Jamaica and once again, enters the savagely beautiful and jungle-like Cockpit Country where he confronts the supernatural presence he believes was responsible for her death.