Short Story Review: Drosophila and the Beast by Bryce Baron-Sips

Drosophila and the Beast by Bryce Baron-Sips is the macabre tale of a student who lacks the gumption to kill a cringe-worthy lab specimen so she takes it home and makes a halfhearted attempt at keeping it as a pet.

Published in the June 13, 2022 issue of Strange Horizons Magazine, Drosophila and the Beast is a highly imaginative tale, fully stocked with awesomely gruesome detail. This story is a stark commentary on the ghoulishness of human nature. How we can’t help but be cruel to any life we perceive as less precious than our own. 

Expect this brilliant story to fascinate you.

Expect it to leave you feeling uncomfortable. It should.

About the Author

Bryce Baron-Sips is a student of Evolutionary Biology and a writer. His work has been published in VIBE, deLuge Journal, and Wrongdoing Magazine.

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