What happens to one gravedigger when humans on a distant planet start paving the way to re-populate a dead colony.

Green Day

Post-apocalyptic eco-horror flash fiction.

His Mercenary

A super-powered college dropout becomes a mercenary.

Kingdom of Lethe

Nedra searches for stolen memories in a futuristic city of wealthy deviants.

Memento Mori

Ivy searches for her friends’ killer with nothing to go on but a hole in her memory.


A mermaid ascends from the depths of the sea.


A mecha pilot is stranded on a terraforming-reject world.

Space Age Mermaid

An astronaut dreams while in hypersleep.

Stigmatic Young Gods

An experimental psychological horror flashfic.

The Last Archangel

An experimental pilot and her intelligent ship come under fire.

Witch and Spider

The earthbound god, Anansi, haunts a distant future witch.

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