Hegira is a leviathan ship, home to thousands of sapient alien races. The ship of legend, left behind by a nearly extinct race of beings called Starchasers, is a powerhouse barreling across galaxies. There are many who seek to take control of this rare jewel, but to rule this ship, one must control her pilot.

First Arc: Slumfairy

Bex Atria is many things. Violent. Human. Mercenary. She is one of two billion sapient beings living aboard Hegira, a wandering world of horror and boundless beauty. Bex has lived in the slums of Hegira all her life. She’s done it all. She’s seen it all. Nothing can surprise her.

Sumida is everything Bex isn’t. She is soft-spoken. Inhuman. Sheltered. She’s about to turn Bex’s world upside down.

Second Arc: Starchaser

Laila sets out across the galaxies alone, in search of the ultimate trump card to help her to wrest control of the leviathan ship, Hegira from those who would seek to steal her ancient birthright.

Laila’s pride and passion war with love, fear and her inferiority complex caused by her luminous rival and soul twin, Sumida.

Third Arc: The Advent of Hegira

Laila and Sumida are on the run from Koros and the Merchant Guild, two factions seeking to take control of Hegira. Laila hides on the planet Tilaat Amat, dodging assassins and a power-hungry deviant while waiting for Sumida who is accompanied by the mercenary, Bex Atria and an alien named Klang. The group’s survival will depend on three things: dumb luck, Laila’s talent for weaseling out of a sticky situation and Klang’s penchant for secretly murdering anything that threatens the well-being of his beloved Bex.


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