Webserials Written by Tonya R. Moore

– episodic stories serialized on the web

– a portal fantasy webserial

Bound by Blood

Helioselene is a wayfarer from a clan of trans-dimensional nomads. Her peaceful life on Earth shatters when she learns of a murderous grudge-spell cast against her entire clan.

She sets out across worlds to find and eliminate the grudge-spell’s source. Her companions include her estranged husband, the legendary technomage and her dead son’s doppelganger, a vampire name Kyle.

– a space opera webserial

The Lore of Hegira

Bex Atria is many things. She’s ill-tempered. She’s human. She’s a mercenary. She’s one of two billion sapient beings living aboard the leviathan spaceship, Hegira–a wandering world of horror and boundless beauty. Bex has lived in the slums of Hegira all her life. She’s done it all. She’s seen it all. Nothing can surprise her.

Sumida is everything Bex isn’t. Sumida is inhuman. She’s softspoken, naive, and skittish. She’s about to turn Bex’s world upside down.

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