You’ve seen the news, right? Like this one. Or this one. And this one?

You understand the sheer scope of the multitudes of nightmares unfolding around us and the depravity and ghoulishess at the heart of these tragedies. Right?

I woke up with the intention of focusing on writing and editing this morning. Instead, I’m sitting here fretting, stewing, and despairing over the wretchedness of our species.

Honestly, I was overcome by an overwhelming sense of sheer hopelessness.

Why even bother? Why even try to write in times like these? What place does creativity have in a world bent on tearing itself apart?

I often ask myself these questions.

The thing is, though, that the fact is the drive or need to write, to create is probably the only thing keeping me invested in remaining on this godforsaken planet.

When it comes to stemming the tide and fighting the endless barrage of vitriol, depravity, and injustice defining life in the modern world, writing is the only tool in my arsenal. It is my soul’s only means of self defence.

We must keep writing. We are the only ones who can assert the truth when people like this try to twist it, and raise our voices in protest when they want us to remain silent in the face of their atrocities.

Learn. Grow. Use that wisdom and strength to educate and bolster each other. Cling stubbornly to your humanity.

Help as many people as you can.

Keep writing because lethal, scorched earth tactics aside, words are the only viable weapon we have that can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time.


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